Two great things happened this week - which I needed because we're moving, and I'm a basket case. As a result of moving and being a basket case I haven't been doing much training. The TRX has been snuggled in it's case and the bike hasn't seen the trainer in way too many days. I even opted out of swimming last week due to lack of energy or will power to not drown. And as we're going to be in a temporary residence (in-laws) for an unknown number of days I won't be doing any biking any time soon - except tomorrow - which makes me sad because I am missing the bike.

But - back to the good news. The flattery. First, ran into an acquaintance, got talking about life, told him I had had a baby and he said (HE) in front of his wife (WIFE!) Wow! You don't look like it. Made my day.

Then! What arrived in my inbox today - a congratulatory note saying that I've been selected to be a SUGOI Brand Champion! This means sweet deals on their clothes and never having to figure out what to wear on race day because I'll be wearing the special Sugoi BC apparel. Whoo Hoo! I applied just a couple weeks ago and really didn't think I'd be chosen. I love that SUGOI recognizes that everyday people are the ones who are out promoting their products while trying to achieve our best. Oh, and they're a Canadian company!

I already have a ton of SUGOI stuff - lots of bike shorts especially. I think I've got pants in this pile that I've been wearing for years (like 5 or 6) that still look and feel great. After I had Mallory I gave away a few tops thinking I wouldn't be able to wear them again - definitely regretting that move. I'm super super super excited to be a brand champion - I've loved SUGOI products for years and can't wait to take advantage of the opportunity to invest in more high quality pieces for training and racing, especially some tri specific pieces.

So, look for me out and about sporting some new SUGOI. Off to be incredible. Well to bed really.

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