Alright. It's time for some funny. My training as of late has been pretty static. TRX, run, TRX, swim, TRX, bike. Repeat. While my swimming is improving and my strength increasing, sometimes we just need to break away from the monotony and laugh.

I found this Funny Running Infographic - When I saw it I 1. laughed because I know pretty much all of these runners yet won't admit to being any or all of them myself and 2. I mostly thought of Sarah & Dimity from Another Mother Runner in their fastinista outfits from way back in May of last year (refer to pic 3 - gear junkies). Yes, the image of two amazingly powerful women busting it to the finish is memorable.

Then, because I have a sick sense of humour I found this. The only reason it made me laugh is because I'm pretty certain the runner pictured is well and truly alive. He's my 'boss' and owner of Strides Running. I don't even know if he knows they used his picture to write up all these scary statistics about running.

As I'm venturing into the realm of becoming a triathlete I thought I'd share one of the funniest blog entries from a very funny lady with regards to being a newbie triathlete. Brain Bills Job Kids and Triathlon is a great read.

Then of course there's the S&%# videos circulating the internet. The runner one not too funny. The bike one, I had a few chuckles. But of course, the triathlete one - hilarious. Especially when it pokes fun at the very thing I'm doing, blogging. Oh man, I can't believe I'm going to start saying this stuff - wait, I probably already do. Sorry :(

That's all I got. Hope you had some chuckles and feel free to send me some laughs.

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