So here's the deal. I really really want to be running. And by running I mean lots, frequently, far, and fast. But I'm not. Because as much as I want to be best friends with running, currently we are enemies. Of course there is third party involvement here and that is my left knee. More specifically my IT band. Its current state is torture. Painful, swollen, and as far as I'm concerned, plain old uncooperative. Humph! So after finally feeling like my chronic relight hip pain has been resolved thanks to our new mattress I know have this. I suspect the culprit is my shoes. Green Silence, you hurt me! Ok, well I hurt me.

I do love you.
First, I went for a 16km run with none other than amazing Olympian Kyle Shewfelt. At km 13 my knee said, please stop. But was I really going to wuss out? I mean Kyle came back after breaking both legs, simultaneously. Now, I haven't ran more than 6km in forever, so 16 was obviously ambitious, and stupid Then I did hills. Um, ow! Then I ran home from work and quite literally seized up 1/2 a block from home.

Second, I preach a conservative approach to using minimal shoes/racing flats but it appears I've failed to heed my own advice. Too much speed work (and hills) with a compromised form in my (very pretty and comfy) shoes is what else is surely to blame.

So... My plan of action. First, suffer the ART compliments of Dr. Dan. Then RICE as much as possible. Definitely hard to do with a very active Coach M racing around outside and inside. The compromise is she gets a bit more tv time so I can ice, compress, and elevate. If you overhear me rambling cartoon tv jingles, I apologize.

Not part of the plan and I might be dumb, I'm registered for two 5km races this weekend. The first, Saturday, is the second Twitter Road Race. After standing all day at work this could be more like a jog. The second is Sunday. Hubby is attempting a PB and I hope to have a consistent run ideally sub 25 minutes. Please cooperate body.

Part two A of the get better plan: I will put my shoes into retirement for a while. I'm hoping I can try out some semi-custom Sole footbeds in them soon to see if that helps with my running mechanics. If not, the greens will become work shoes and I can get these beauties:

NB1400 - Super comfy, and great colours!

Part two B of the get better plan: be conservative with my running; Slower, shorter, not so often.And I guess I can keep focusing on the swimming (you should see my arms and back!) and the biking for the fast approaching triathlon. And a little whining and a tub of ice cream will also make things better, much better.