Well, what would a bunch of 'F' titles posts be without a dedication on Father's Day to a very special father who is my constant and biggest fan. Hubby is an amazing father to Coach M and I am grateful for that everyday. M is truly a daddy's girl and he relishes in that fact. He is often the one who takes her grocery shopping or to swimming lessons. He's a real hands on dad. At a recent race I took M to go cheer on some friends while Hubby stayed home to sleep off his night shift. M cheered for a while as runners passed us, 'go Daddy'. She definitely knows he's a runner and loves him for that. Back to him in a bit.

Always lending a helpful hand! On course where I set a PB for a 5km last fall (since broken)
Doing gymnastics with Coach M

Growing up my dad wasn't particularly interested in my sporting activities. He did his dad duty and watched from time to time but by no means was I encouraged to be better. Oh well. That's the past. Now a days you won't catch my dad lining a race route with a 'Go Kourtney' poster but he is happily taking Coach M for the night (albeit along with my two teenaged sisters) while we go stay in a hotel the night before we race in his hometown. My dad has fully embraced being a grandpa and just loves doing anything with Coach M. Plus, he will cook us a fantastic pre-race meal the night before. I suppose the irony in the fact that my dad was the least invested in my sporting activities is that I'm the child who is the most active now.

My Dad with my niece and Coach M

Coach M has two other important grand father figures in her life. Papa is my mom's significant other and he was so generous as to push M so I could race last October to get my then 5km PB. He has qualified and ran Boston and is going to be embarking on a special quest for his 50th year of being alive on the planet. Hubby's dad, Grandpa to Coach M, is the kinda guy who randomly decides to take up running (again) and rather than a casual 30 minutes he busts out a 10km. Then he decides it's too hard and should stick with walking. I've witnessed this a couple times in the years hubby and I have been together and it never fails to make me shake my head, he's an all or nothing kinda guy.

Coach M's Papa

Heading out for our New Year's Eve Run - Papa & Dad & Coach M
Back to hubby. Hubby wasn't always the svelt English/Irish/Dutch/Canadian figure he is today. He was once very overweight. He still ran but was filling his body with beer, wings, and nachos. He was staying up late and generally being a single male in his twenties.  Between seeing a picture of himself and moving into a career that dealt with individuals struggling from health issues closely related to their physical state hubby started making positive changes. He didn't stop cold turkey but gradually decreased the quantity he put in his body and eventually starting swapping towards healthier options.
Hubby at his heaviest. I think this picture was a wake up call.

Sometimes his thought patterns are as complicated as his genealogy/heritage/citizenship. But I love him. He is ├╝ber passionate about his family, his health, and lately, anything Triathlon related or training for running. He's kinda geeky. In training for our first triathlon hubby approached learning to swim by reading a book. Yes. You read that correctly. Once finally plunging in the water and practicing balance he is a competent and relatively good swimmer. Yes he eventually joined me with a coach and took some more pointers but you should have seen the look on her face when she asked him where he learned to swim.

Toeing the line against a 10 year old? She gave him a good run for about 100m. Hubby set a 5km PB at this race and was third overall!

My brother got hubby a shirt for Christmas that says 'Lazy but talented' He's not (always) lazy but to some, me included, it can seem that way. The effort he puts in, which is still fair, but compared to many others, gets him leaps and bounds ahead. He makes incredible progress very quickly. He is naturally talented and I think he's going to make an excellent triathlete, if only he stops talking about it and only it because if he doesn't I'm going to cut up his swim trunks and break his bike chain. I jest. It keeps him going, and me, plus he sets such a positive example for Coach M. I am so fortunate to share my life with such an amazing man. Happy Father's Day!

Lazy - but a very talented tandem slider.

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