Warning: this is very much an internal dialogue ramble that I'm typing to make myself feel better. But please, read it and validate me just a little. A couple more sleeps, then I will be a triathlete and not just a wannabe. Everyone is asking how I'm feeling. A couple of my coworkers have kindly reassured me that I'm going to 'kill it'. I guess that's the lingo twenty year olds use these days. So, am I feeling liking I'm going I kill it or like it's going to kill me? Well, not the later, but I expect to be breathless at the end and parts in the middle. I expect it's going to hurt, and maybe not in the hurts-so-good kinda way. I expect to wonder 'why am I doing this?' but also have moments of 'I've got this'.

I suppose the overriding emotion is curiosity. I'm curious how my swim will go. I'm curious if I've done enough bike training. I'm curious if my run will be as fast as I hope. I'm curious to see if I've trained decently and if I'm cut out for this sport. Am I going to enjoy it - mentally? physically? I recently read Chrissie Wellington's book A Life Without Limits. That girl has guts - my goal - be more like her - push past the hurt.

I have set some lofty goals for myself which others seem to be holding me to as well. Last week or so hubby says to me, I think you could win it. I ask, my age category. He says, the whole thing. I think he's on drugs or lack of caffeine. My goal would be top five women but knowing that's ambitious for a sport I've never done I think top 15 is more realistic. And if living up to hubby's expectations aren't enough, my cousin Tricia has set an actual time goal for me. Eep! Ok, to be honest it's my goal for myself too but I'm allowed to be an over achiever in my own brain. Then, a friend if ours is doing a sprint the same day in another city. He bet me that if I win, he cooks dinner, if he wins, I cook. Great, I'm competing with a testosterone filled male, how is that fair?

Legitimate Triathlon Fears

So what else? Well, I'm afraid hubby and I will be slotted in the same swim lane as our predicted swim times are identical. I really don't want this because I will get overly competitive with him and try way too hard to beat him out of the pool rather than focusing on my own swim. I'm just not sure how I could ignore him in the same lane as me. He is likely a stronger swimmer than I am but I not-so-secretly wish it was the one discipline I could be faster in than him.

The bike. I am seriously afraid of a flat. Hubby is going to teach me how to change one tomorrow but in such a short race it would just kill all my good vibes. So, positive thoughts. My goal is to have a steady high cadence through out the ride. I worry about the bike because I'm still relatively fresh in that department. Knowing how to dig and push doesn't come as easily as it does on the run. Also, I don't want to ride so hard that it sucks me dry for the run.

Then there's the run. Probably the factor I'm least worried about but still. The course goes down, flattens a bit then goes back up. My goal is not to attack the downhill too aggressively. Downhills can take just as much energy as the uphills.

I've been working a lot on visualization this week. Especially for navigating transition. The word I keep repeating to myself is precision. Not fast, but precise. I don't want to be redoing anything. I think if I can keep this in my head and not rush the process I will come out level headed and hopefully quicker.

What else. Well, as it's a staged pool swim I worry about the wait. They are going slowest swimmers to fastest. Hubby and I are taking lawn chairs and we plan on wearing our compression gear. Hopefully there's a shaded quiet spot we can rest as we have to wake at 5:30. I'm not opposed to going back and sleeping in the car. Then there's the balance of food intake while we wait. Its frustrating. The race isn't posting heat times until the morning of the race which leaves for so many unknowns even though they are sold out and final swim times had to be submitted last week. I'm sure they have their reasons but c'mon.

What else... fluids. I really don't want to have to reach for my water bottle during the bike but I think this is inevitable. A co-worker told me about a system at MEC that I need to go check out as the website hasn't turned up anything. Ideally I'd love a straw/hose to come up to between my handle bars from my water bottle so I can just lean forward and sip. I'd have a diluted electrolyte mix with my favorite Nuun flavour - citrus. Yum! As it's a road bike and not a tri specific bike I can't use any of the funky aero water bottles. Otherwise I have no plans for nutrition on course. I am going to put a box of apple juice in transition that I might take between the bike and the run to help keep my brain happy with carbs so I can keep going strong.

Maybe I could use Aero bars like these?

And that's it. Rambling complete. Off to catch some zzz's.

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  1. Go get some Vega Sport Recovery, pre-mix it with your Nuun to help with your carb/nutrient deficiency in the transitions!
    And relax, stay relaxed, stay relaxed, stay relaxed. Always ask, "Are my shoulder's at my ears??" If they are, BRING THEM DOWN!!
    The more relaxed, the more oxygen you'll get in and the smoother things will go.
    You've prepared for this! You'll do great!