It's not just blogging I've been neglecting but house work has gone the wayside of training . No, the dishes aren't stacked up in the sink and I'm not wearing the same stinky running attire but the vacuum is collecting dust in the closet along with all the surface in the house. The room our computer is in has become the catch-all so going in there to blog or upload photos is painful because I crave organized spaces and it's anything but. Blame high levels of training for both hubby and I; more time being spent getting out yards in working order and not just a pile of dirt; and really wanting to spend our non training/landscaping time doing quality things with our daughter - it adds up to one messy house.

We've been in the house two months and I haven't posted a photo of the new home gym. My dreams of waking at 6am to run or do weights was/is delusional. I have yet to do an early AM workout down here but many an nightly one. We bought the treadmill used but it's been good to us. When it's been pouring rain I can still do my brick workouts indoors. It's not a huge space but it accommodates hubby and I well. Knowing I'm not sweating on the carpet is also helping have some sanity in the filth department - rubber floor is easy to mop up.

All we need is an infinity pool and we're set to roll out the Branagan method to the triathlete community (not).

So, this is where tapering for the triathlon on the 24th comes in oh so handy. The 'plan' (yes in loose quotations) is to use the time and energy not training into tidying, organizing, cleaning, and otherwise getting our household in order so I can at least stand to sit down at the computer and blog about how training is going or how the race goes.

Training! Since being at physio and working hard at building some glute strength and releasing my very tight left IT, I've been going pretty hard the last three weeks trying to be ├╝ber prepared for the triathlon. Overlapping tri training I'm in the early stages of half marathon prep which included a pain free 18.5km run yesterday with the mid 4.5km at race pace. The week before was 16km with the mid 3km at race pace. So for the most part I'm pretty injury free though I continue to do my exercises as regular as I can and use ice/heat along with lots of foam rolling post working out. That being said, I'm currently at physio typing this post. Mostly here for a follow up gait assessment but the IT band is twangy like a small town country band today so some work is being done.

Anywhoo. My swim times are steadily dropping and the bike is still fun and refreshing. So, I'm feeling good about my training but I am very very nervous about the race. Specifically the run coming off the bike. My bricks have been successful with pace and easing into my run stride fairly quickly so I'm hoping that will happen race day too. I'm anxious to cram in some more high quality workouts. But, I also have a proven track record of having great races when I allow my body adequate time to rest up and recover. So the plan is off (today) hard (bike) easy (swim/run) hard (run) easy (swim) hard (run) off this week. Then easy easy off easy easy off race next week. Likely no running next week just biking and swimming. And hopefully I will finally get my blog post about running shoes finished.

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  1. very inspiring lady, god speed!! hug that gorgeous little thing of yours, i am still dying to meet her!! xo