Fellow mother runners Dimity and Sarah started a 10 questions game and I figured this is the kick start to finishing the 50 F title posts. Only a few more to go (big sigh). More on what I've been up to lately but for now...

Q1: Best Run Ever
Without any question is was one taken in February 2007. I went out with a coworker from a new job and we spent more time at coffee after than we did running. I married that man in 2009 and we are both still running - just no longer together as he was holding back and I was pushing to keep up.

The hubs and I this past weekend - ready for our Duathlon
Q2: Three words that describe my running.
Inconsistent, challenging (in the good way), and improving.

Q3: My go to running outfit is...
Without a doubt a Moving Comfort sports bra. More than likely an Icebreaker top. And black capris. Plus my favorite pink Mizuno visor which I had altered to fit my impossibly small head.

Q4: Quirky habit while running.
I'm pretty sure I talk to myself, out loud.

Q5: Morning, midday, evening?
Ideally after breakfast and when it's warm, not cool, or not hot. So approaching fall I'd say between 9 and 10am. Hence why I'm super excited to be coaching a daytime clinic starting I a couple weeks!

Q6: I won't run outside when it's...
Windy. We honestly moved from our old house that was on a windy hill to a better spot because of this. I loathe the wind.

Q7: Worst injury and how I got over it.
I think I'm in my worst. And I don't know exactly what it is. So denial is my getting over it for the mean time. Four more weeks then racing is done for the year.

Q8: I felt most like a badass mother when...
I was 27 weeks preggo and ran a 5 race. When I passed three younger blond girls running together I felt unreal. What is it with you blonds that make us brunettes so competitive with you?

Q9: My next race.
Ambulance Chasers 5km. I've been coaching two groups for this race and their 10km. I am also hoping to PB my 5km injury and all. I PB'd last time injured so why not this time too?

Q10: Potential running goal for 2013.
Well, I guess this depends largely on if I get pregnant this winter. So let's say a) run pregnant as long as possible or b) be injury free and PB my 10km time.

Finishing strong after the duathlon