A few weeks ago I wrapped up coaching two clinic thru Strides. The first was a Personal Best
clinic. The group humoured me through some great workouts including running lines in a parking lot and a final game of tag in the field which had us laughing so hard we could barely run. I feel so fortunate to be a part of the transformation because often I find it's myself who is inspired and encouraged by their hard work each and every week.
I really love coaching - why? Because of people like Kevin. Kevin joined my Learn to Run clinic with this goal in mind: run a marathon in 2014 - after completing the swim & bike portion of an Ironman. Insane? But Kevin gave it his all for 12 weeks - dropping weight, gaining speed, and I think mostly having a pretty good time doing it. I would get emails that ended with - I love running! I'd say to the hubs - I feel like a proud mama bird. I hope to see Kevin in the spring when he comes back to do a speed work clinic.
Kevin is super fortunate to be supported by his awsome wife Robyn. Robyn and I ran together last winter when we were both training for Vegas. Having a supportive spouse is a huge deal. The fact that they are both working towards a mutual goal makes the deal that much sweeter. Kevin ran an awsome 5km race at 30:30 - just 31 seconds shy of his sub-30 goal - but I am SUPER proud of him.

Kevin & Robyn
Thanks to everyone who inspired me - for inspiring each other - and for keeping it light hearted. 


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