When I started the 50 post challenge I asked for some F titled posts. My brother: 'Fornication - let's see you blog about that one'. Well brother here it is.

There has been a lot of talk surrounding fornication in our household for a while now - more specifically as to whether or not it should lead to conception. I was pretty resistant to baby #2 for a long time but late August my brain shifted and decided I could mentally/physically cope with having two needy humans to be responsible for. I had (mostly) gotten over the physical aspect back in the spring (weight gain, weight loss, impact on being active etc). I can't say what it is that made me decide but I can say I'm still not 100% settled on the decision.I guess once I'm knocked up I won't have much choice will I?

While pregnant with Coach M I gained nearly 60 pounds on my 5'2" frame. Partly due to genetics and partly due to sour cream & onion potato chips. Yes, I lost it all but part of me really wishes I could not gain that much weight the second time around. I feel though that even if I avoid potato chips (not likely), keep running (I ran until 30 weeks w/ M), I can't entirely control the process.

I know people survive and cope with more than one child regularly - but to be honest - I have no idea how. Then again, I just found out a friend who is already surviving/thriving with two kids is expecting her third - surprise! So that made my life feel like it would be a little less hectic.  So I guess I - well we, the three of us, just will.

As the year comes to an end and normally I would find myself looking to plan races for 2013 I'm not sure I should. If all goes as it did with Coach M I'll be busting out of my tops by the new year and  my pants soon after. I am planning to streak in December with Strides Running (aka, work) - run one mile every day. There are some great group runs planned and I'm still coaching my daytime clinic until near the end of the month. I think the run I'm most looking forward to is Christmas day - I'm hoping the hubs and I can sneak out together for a ten minute jaunt around the neighbourhood. If not, there's always the treadmill with the sideways glances from our families.

As this is the last post in my 50 challenge, here's the link to the first post.

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