The Holidays

The holidays... filled with laughter, food, more food, more food. I am sufficiently stuffed. I'm not a big sweets person so I've been rationing my white chocolate covered caramel my aunt makes. I can't however resist the salty, greasy, potato chips in my house. But don't worry, I polished them off today so I'm in the clear until at least New Year's eve when a bowl or two is bound to show up at a party.

I've been less than steller with my fitness record over the holidays. My streak came to an abrubt halt on December 11 due to overwhelming stress from a school project and too many hours dedicated to that - oh and a severe uncomfortable feeling in my abdomen.

Yes, I'm pregnant! And this baby is not a fan of running. Since early December runs have been slightly uncomfortable even though I'm still relatively early in the pregnancy. It was really apparent on the 9th and 10th when my mile was more walk than run. Today after a break I tried to jump on the treadmill again and see if a couple weeks had changed anything. Not so much. While I wasn't as uncomfortable my bladder was going for a run of it's own, despite a trip to the toilet pre-run. So, I'm thinking there is much more biking, swimming, and walking in store the next year than there will be running. I can deal without running I think - I'm not sure. I would just love to have the option to run even if I don't always want to.

I had hoped to coach a learn to run clinic starting in January and I'm sad to have to pull out of that. I was looking forward to easing out of the 1st trimester drag and working through to gain stamina myself in the 2nd with my clinic. Today's run was more like 4 minutes run w/ 2 minutes walk to catch my breath. Let's hope this blood volume shifts back into my favour real soon.

I am still going to investigate a support belt and see if that takes some pressure off my bladder. Otherwise I'm generally feeling pretty good. Mostly fatigue is catching up with me and I'm quick to have lights out by 10 or sooner - and waking up with Coach M is a struggle at no matter if it's 7am or 8am. Fortunately, my family has been around over the holidays so I've had a few fortunate naps. I will only be so lucky to get them when hubs is off from work though starting now. Coach M likes to have me in her presence at all times if I'm home so sneaking away to sleep is going to be an adjustment for her.

Thankfully I haven't been plagued by Kate Middleton disease and my infrequent and mild nausea can be cured by a healthy dose of food. I know the experts say you don't need extra calories in the first trimester but let's face it - they happen. And while I would be keen to grab for the potato chips I've been fairly dilegent and been grabbing oranges, yogurt, and toast.

So the new year holds no plans for training or racing for me - maybe something short in the fall. The hubs is working hard toward an olympic distance triathlon so I will be happy to help support him with that. I've signed up for a yoga class starting in early January and hope to fit lots of pool time in. The few times I swam in December felt really good.

More news to come and updates as I navigate this pregnancy. We have a dating ultrasound tomorrow so we will have a finalized due date - which is looking right now to be end of July or very early August.

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and wish everyone the best in 2013!



Well, almost a week into the Strides Run Streak and I've had some great runs and some, 'do I have to?' moments. Overall though I'm loving the challenge of getting a little something done everyday.

Day 1 - 5.5km from the store with a good group of runners. Later that day we packed up and trekked through the snow to get our Christmas tree.

Day 2 - 1 mile on the treadmill at home on some tired legs. I followed this with 20 minutes of gentle stretching yoga.

Day 3 -  Hectic and tired today so a moderate 1 mile on the treadmill.

Day 4 - 1000m swim in the morning then 1 mile outside pushing Coach M. Who by the way was not very motivating as she slept the entire way!

Day 5 - I was just putting my pj's on and remembered I hadn't done my mile yet. Ugh. I dropped a huge f bomb because I so didn't want to do a mile tonight. I had been up since 5:30 with Coach M and had a long day of too much to do not enough time. It was 10:40pm but I changed into my running clothes and got ready to go. Original thought was to walk most of it but two minutes in I decided I wanted the mile over much quicker so I ramped up the pace and got it done. Off to bed.

Day 6 - Drag my butt out of bed day! Coach M had a sleepover so I could have theoretically slept in but I had somewhere to be at 9. Darn it all. At 10 I met up with my daytime clinic I've been coaching to do our mile followed by some intervals and some body weight strength training. The sun was out and shining and the sidewalks relatively clear for some speed. With warm up and work we got in 4km.

Day 7 - 1 mile. It was late Friday when I got to this mile so it was a brisk walk while catching up on some Grey's Anatomy. My body is feeling the everyday effort and my right hip/butt pain which I thought was resolved is coming back. I have to bust out the foam roller and get doing my yoga! (Pep talk to self - let's see if it works.)

Day 8 - Saturday group run at the store. The store had Streak shirts printed and we asked participants to bring donations of food/cash for the Calgary Food Bank. We collected two large boxes and $125 cash. Merry Christmas! We ran about 25 minutes and I think we did about 4km.

Day 9 - 1 mile inside on the treadmill. A pyrimid run starting with a walk warm up and then getting up to speed then working my way back down to a walk. I really like this workout - it makes me feel like I get a warm up, cool-down, and speed work all in 10-11 minutes.

Day 10 - 2 miles fairly steady on the treadmill while Coach M cheered me on and simultaneously watched a show. She kept saying - 'mommy running; mommy go fast'. Love her!

Day 11 - TBD - likely something later tonight, hopefully a mile followed by some yoga (see day 7)

Total kilometres so far: 26.5ish (give or take .5)

Mostly I'm still really encouraged by the challenge and look forward to more dual days combined with swimming, yoga, or biking. I'm wish I had the energy to do more than the one mile minimum most days but as Coach M seems to be in a sleeping funk with no naps and sporadic waking times plus finishing a course that has me up late most evenings completing projects, I am just going to take every mile I can. I can't wait for class to be over next week and hopefully M will be settled into her new non-napping routine and sleeping consistently at night.

I'm feeling pretty resilient doing something everyday - even if it is 10 minutes or so. As the month continues I hope I can get outside more. The treadmill is a great addition and very helpful/convenient but there is nothing refreshing about it. And - I need to get my phone out and snap some more pictures - and not of the treadmill screen! Plan of action - yoga, pictures, get outside.

Anyone else blogging about their streak?