Eating for Two - Cravings and Musings

Well, I'm officially now, for one of two weeks in my second trimester. Yipee the feel good times. Well mostly. I am definitely feeling better all around but still am presented with challenges (running, can no longer sleep on my stomach).

Reflection on the First Trimester

Early on while I wasn't horribly nauseous I did have bouts in the afternoon that were best cured by a healthy dose of food. Hello weight gain. But as my nausea subsided by desire for food only increased. Honestly, I couldn't get enough of it. I tried desperately to not eat everything in sight. I planned snacks, healthy meals, and occassionally digging into a craving or something less than my standard of  healthy. Of course, being pregnant over the Christmas season just meant lots of food many nights and shortbread cookies. I'm not a sweets girl but the butter sugar melt-in-your-mouth combo. Well, you know. My interesting craving during weeks 6-9, chips and salsa. The salt and carbs of the chips plus something about the spice and tomatoes of the salsa. It was my thing.

Now the Second Trimester

My cravings have been wacky. Ok, inconsistent might be a better word. No, wacky.

One week I wanted everything cold frozen. Frozen raspberries were a staple. Normally I can't stand water with ice in it but during this phase, the more ice the better. A fresh cold cucumber from the fridge. Yum. I didn't understand it, won't pretend to, and really, could care less.

Bowl of Frozen Raspberries

Then one day, french fries. Ok normally I'm a total sucker for these and they are my guilty pleasure but I don't crave them. But this day, I went through the drive through on my way to work and ordered the biggest size possible. Feeling guilty (I do after all work at a running store), I ate with pleasure in the back room while my coworker for certain thought I'd lost it some. I haven't craved fries since.

A few days ago my craving was fresh strawberries. Then just yesterday a veggie platter. These all seem like highly reasonable things to give into so I am. Why deny my body broccoli? So far today, no cravings. All in all my cravings are much more sporadic and wacky than my first pregnancy where I had very clear and defined needs for certain foods. First trimester - orange juice, Second Trimester - peanut butter, Third Trimester - dairy.

Otherwise I've been eating fairly normal and haven't had any food aversions per se. I'm less inclined towards meats (except red meat - bring on the beef!) so I find myself just eating smaller portions. I would say generally we eat much healthier now than I did when I was carrying Coach M and so I think with more balance I'm not tending towards or away from as many foods. I know 'they' say you should eat more during the second and third trimesters but I'm just not that hungry. Or not hungrier than usual. I suppose though I'm less active so my body is using the same number of calories to grow a human rather than making or maintaining muscle (now there's a whole other post).

It will be interesting to see what other whims pop up through out the next while.

A small impedence on the view down towards my toes.

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