Perfectly Pregnant

Oy! How many times have you heard this - I've been meaning to sit down and write... Well, I haven't. I haven't been meaning because I can't think of a darn thing to to say. And then today something changed and I had an 'aha' moment and I really want to share it.

For the last couple weeks people have been saying 'You look great!' and I am quick to say 'I look pregnant' in a self-demeaning trying to joke tone. Wait, what is so wrong with looking pregnant?! I might not be looking princess Kate pregnant but I'm also not looking Kim Kardashian pregnant either.

Today's aha moment courtesy of a fellow running coach who currently weighs something like 118lbs and ballooned (her words not mine) to 190lbs while pregnant with both her kids. She said I looked 'Perfectly Pregnant'. Yes, at 25+ weeks the bump is a bump, my clothes fit relatively well, I have ample cleavage, and I have yet to really balloon out myself - not that it won't happen.

So before I find myself in that oh so uncomfortable 30+ weeks phase I should just keep rolling with the perfectly pregnant look for another five or so weeks and find the attitude to match it. I am still struggling mentally somewhat from my lack of ability to run, but perhaps more so my lack of motivation to do much in the way of fitness. It's a balance beam I'm constantly walking.

At one end is the desire to be doing something active and healthy because it's good for me and baby. At the other end is the desire to just be and not worry about getting in 30 minutes or more of activity a day. Twice a week I have been doing yoga and sometimes I will throw in a third session at home. Then there's vacuuming at least once a week - that counts right? To be truthful I think the reason I'm avoiding anything other than yoga is that really, I'm just not that comfortable. This kid is sitting low. As in, my tailbone is already sore from all the pressure and I still have a cute little waist above what, if it wasn't so round, might look like a gunt (can I say that?) My ribs aren't taking a beating (yet) as babe is snuggled so deep down.

At my 20 week ultrasound I was told that I have a low-lying placenta. Which I believe explains all the pains and discomforts of running I had early on and why still any high intensity activity and lifting is still uncomfortable. Oh, and did I mention this kid is sitting low, snuggled against my bladder so even if I wasn't uncomfortable walking at a decent pace I'd be trotting to the toilet every five minutes.

This pregnancy is so much different from the first and I have to love it for that. I definitely have more energy and feel less sleepy. I also don't have strong food cravings. I attribute all this to having a much better diet than I did the first time around. First baby - exercise with bad/poor/crappy (not that bad really) food. Second baby, little exercise with good/great/healthy food (really that good).

So yes, the training epiphany I had... well that all went the wayside, especially after a week in Mexico just lounging. I'm a rec runner/triathlete who will at some point resume her activity and be just as good and maybe better than before. And so the next time someone says I look good, or maybe calls me perfectly pregnant, I will smile, and so thank you and be grateful for the life I will get to welcome in three or so months.

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