Winding Down

This is almost my last shift at work before I'm off on maternity leave. If I think about it too much I might get sentimental - I've been crying at just about everything lately. This Friday I will be 34 weeks pregnant and let's face it, bending down to help people tie their shoes is getting a little cumbersome. Some people seem aware of my large abdomen, others are completely oblivious and look at me with an expression to say 'why aren't you helping me more?' Ummm.

When I decided to go back to work after having Coach M I knew I wanted to work in a place where I could both inspire and be inspired. It's been 18 months now at Strides and I have met some fantastic people - both runners and coworkers. I have learnt even more about running, footwear, and people. After being out of the running industry for a few years it was refreshing and welcoming to be back. Now, upon having to leave again I am actually contemplating when would be too soon to return? I want my time off with baby #2 but I also love having this time away from the house.

Ideally I will be back coaching next spring from the store - likely targeting 5km and 10km runners, maybe even coaching another Learn to Run clinic. Friend and coworker Laurie has been hosting a successful daytime running clinic including lots of stroller pushing mamas. So there's always that too.

With delivery in the near future I can't help but think of how soon I might be able to return to running. With this on my radar I'm hoping to get back blogging with a new series about my three favorites - places to run, races to do, etc. I will kick it off with my three favorite thing.s about Strides.

1. My coworkers. These people really like coming to work and helping everyday people get into the proper footwear and equipment. Even though I've been here for 18 months, most of the staff is senior to me. With such low employee turnover this is obviously a great place to work, and everyone really knows their stuff.

2. The runners. We have some amazing people who run from the store and regularly attend our clinics. I was fortunate to coach a handful of them and really appreciate and love their enthusiasm and dedication.

3. The stuff. From footwear to clothing, it's great to work in place where you can stand behind the products you are selling and really believe in them. From the high quality compression wear to the best selection of footwear and a broad selection of stylish performance clothing. I have a pretty wide selection in my own drawers and I'm forever wanting the latest and greatest we get in.

Thanks to everyone for their well wishes, their time, and we will be seeing you soon on the paths!

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