Back At It

When your baby is finally, for the first time, napping in her crib during the day, when your preschooler is watching her allotted tv for the day, when you're six weeks postpartum, you don't think, you just go - running that is.

Being at that magic six week mark today I had it in my brain that today was the day to start running, sleep deprived or not. There just can't be any more days of excuses because let's face it, the three year old's crappy sleeping isn't going to get any better any time soon. The six week old - no complaints about her sleep here. So even if 20 minutes of running twice a week is all I do. It's doing it. It's something. 

The back at it program really started last week with three days of yoga. It was an hour, out of the house, using long forgotten muscles. But I came away each day feeling renewed and with a sense of calm. I took away some really great core moves to focus on once a week outside of what will be my once weekly practice on Mondays. 

My hopeful schedule will look something like cardio one day followed by some strength work the next. Ample rest days mixed in. For the cardio I am going to alternate between running and the bike. Hopefully this will break the monotony of the workouts. 

I anticipate most of my cardio sessions will be done inside on the treadmill or the trainer - but I can't wait to take in some gorgeous fall weather and get outside for a run or two before winter sinks in. 

And that was what I wrote almost a week ago...

Ok. One week later I have just been to yoga and cleared my brain after a hectic dinner hour. Ahh. 

What I really want to say is that being back at it isn't about losing weight, or even getting fit at this point. It's about learning to carve me time, healthy beneficial me time, into my days and weeks. It's about rebuilding a routine and expectation not only with myself but within the family. 

Schedule yourself healthy.