Finding Calm with Effort

I think I had a record week for workouts since having Coach J - four! Now that might not seem like a lot to you but it was for me. And that's good. In fact it's real good.

Two yoga sessions and two runs in the books. My first run session I pushed myself and did multiple 3/1 (run/walk) sets. I was sufficiently pooped afterwards. Poor post-run refueling meant I struggled with a headache so I need to make sure I'm taking better care of myself. 

My second yoga session this week (Thursday night) was in the comfort of my basement with a new DVD. Mindful Flow with Sara Villamil. I am going to do a write up next week of how awsome it is. My legs quivered during the balance poses to be certain (note this is due entirely to my lack of fitness). I woke up Friday morning with a sense of calm - not something I had the rest of the week.

To say that life feels hectic seems like an understatement some days. I feel like I'm fighting the undertow with two girls in the house now. Balancing their needs for my attention, Coach M's activities, and the state of near chaos the house seems to be in, well, it adds up. 

That's why despite the fatigue and heavy legs today I took 25 minutes (cut short due to needy baby) and ran. Not fast today and no lengthy run/walk intervals (did 2:15/:45), but I carved out that time for me. 

And now I'm blogging. And now I'm about to join runchat on Twitter for the first time in ages.

Schedule Yourself Healthy!

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