I'm around

I'm around, just busy. And I'm running, and coaching, and I have a triathlon on May 3, and my head is spinning.

Some people are better at work life balance than others. I'm an other. I've taken on a lot since January so something had to give for a little while and this little blog of mine had to take a break. And truthfully I'm not really back at it but here's the snippet of life right now.

I coached one learn to run clinic from January to April and while it wasn't the most rewarding clinic I've taught I still had fun, and it kept me accountable to my own fitness.

I'm coaching another clinic right now and we're just getting into the groove of things and it continues to keep me accountable for my own fitness.

J is nine months old today! And getting two teeth. And crawling. And not really sleeping all that well at night.

M is almost four and she skips everywhere she goes. And wants everything for her birthday. And looks adorable in her New Balance kicks.

Hubby is still training with Coach Rob and is doing well. He's buying a new bike. Tri-specific of course.

I started a new business venture in January doing Interior Decorating & Design. A long time dream coming to fruition but taking a lot of time and energy. So much business in business as my friend Laurie would say. But I'm thrilled with how it's going. Check it out here.

I'm on a playground committee for our community. Which is very cool. And very time consuming. But it's going to be worth it in the end. And that's where I've been doing most of my blogging. So here's that blog.

Needing an update!

The weather is turning really nice here and I'm dreaming of planting our veggie garden. In fact, a trip to the garden store is on the schedule for tomorrow.

I had a fantastic trail run last week with my BRF (best running friend) and a couple of other really good running buddies. I hope to be doing more of that because the treadmill and I have been spending way too much time together.

So here's to being busy, and getting through, and making positive changes.


What the scale can't tell you

15x. It has said that for five months. Yes, five months of chasing the preschooler, ramping up my fitness, trying to be conservative with my portions, breast feeding. I haven't lost one single pound since I got home from the hospital with Coach J. And you know what? I'm totally ok with it. 

Because the scale doesn't know it all. In fact, it's the worst representation of how I'm looking, feeling, and what I'm capable of. The scale doesn't know:

  • I can run for 30 minutes, probably longer actually, and feel great. 
  • I can move from plank position through to chatarunga without dropping to my knees first. 
  • My belt is coming in handy (see photo)

  • I can see muscle definition returning in my legs and arms. 
  • People think I have lost weight (ha, fooled you!)

As we embark on a new year I will continue to measure my success not my the number on the scale but rather by my capabilities and achievements. I think you should do the same. And don't forget - you can win a free Learn to Run clinic by commenting on this post.

Schedule yourself healthy.