Hello 2015, Goodbye 10

Hello 2015 - What on earth is going to happen this year?

Well for one, Mexico the first week of March. And yes, that's a huge motivator for me to drop 10 real quick. It has been more than enough time that I loose the baby weight and get back to being my regular fit self. And I'm not shaming myself. I needed those 17 months to just exist and start a company and sleep and just exist and not be a slave to a hot body. I didn't want it. But now I do. And I mean regular kinda person hot, not instagram selfie of my abs and booty hot. I have a realistic goal weight and then an ideal goal weight. I have some race times in my head but I'm not stuck on achieving that much other than consistency this year, and being able to haul my 4.5 year old to her room during a tantrum and not being out muscled (she's a ball of muscle FYI).

December saw another year of an attempted run streak and I was doing oh so good, until I rang my head off the playground on the 23rd and the resulting headache and what felt like a minor concussion and a bit of whiplash took me out. Better safe than sorry. So I took from the 24th to the 28th off and felt relatively ok to start back with some yoga and biking for a few days. I seem to be doing alright and so this past week I've really been challenging myself to put in some effort.

One of my goals for 2015 is strength. In past years I've neglected this for endurance and speed. So this year I'm vowing to strength train at least once a week. Throw in a bit of yoga once or twice a week as well and my arms should look half decent. Speaking of yoga - my goal is a handstand this year without the assistance of the wall. So here I am January 2nd - let's see how I progress.

Our TRX hasn't been seeing much use and I intend to change that. Seriously, it's such a killer. I might not be walking tomorrow. Today I thought I would torture myself. Here was the workout.

10 minute warm up: walk for 2 min, run steady at 5.5mph for 4 min, run steady at 6.0mph for 4min (not fast people, warming up here)

TRX Set: 4 exercises, leg & core focused, 2 sets of 8 reps (like I said, I need strength)

Pyramid Run: 18 minutes - 1-2-3-2-1 For every minute of work there was equal rest. Work done at 7.0 mph (current 10km goal pace), rest done at 5.5 mph. I'm a big believer in running your rest to help build endurance and stamina and the ability to recover.

TRX Set: 4 exercises, back & core focused, 2 sets of 8 reps

Final Run: 10 minutes - 1 min easy, 1 min hard, 2 easy, 1 hard, 2 easy, 1 hard, 2 easy

And I was drenched at the end. But in that happy way. I'm still struggling with headaches post hard workouts and I'm working to alleviate those. I'm making sure I have a recovery smoothie post session that includes a scoop of protein powder. Electrolytes and water too. Some of it is tension related for certain so definitely trying to be very posture aware during my runs. 

I'm back coaching at Strides on Tuesday nights - 5 & 10km conditioning. Come join me! Coaching isn't much of a workout for me so I really need to make sure I get a weight workout in that day, or heaven forbid I make an effort and get to the pool for a swim, something I should maybe do if I'm going to do another triathlon this year.

Otherwise the girls and I are spending as much time outside as we can shoveling and tobogganing. J loves taking selfies so I might end up with a few pictures of half my face. And in other news I might need to update some of the photos around the blog too. Yikes they're old!