Who I Am

The Quick Bio

Hi, I'm Kourtney. I like to be active but it can be a challenge because I'm busy with our energetic three year old and with our second daughter, who joined our family at the end of July. I'm out to have fun, try new things, and keep setting a positive example for my daughters and people around me. Sure, everyone is busy, but you just have to schedule yourself healthy.

Great Things I've Done:
A Half-Marathon  in 1:51:40
5km in 23:20
A Warrior Dash - Haven't done one? You should.

When I'm not running you can find me hiking, or riding my bike, doing yoga or attempting some crazy move on the TRX. And if there's snow on the ground you can bet I'm itching to get out on my snowshoes.

How I got running in the first place & why I keep going

Growing up I was into soccer playing at a fairly competitive level. I often ran to help keep fit and I was the girl who loved the 12 minute run and fitness testing in high school. I went to the local gym a bit with a girl friend and participated in the Tae-Bo craze. When I went away to university I didn't have a team to play on so I ran and walked with a few my dorm mates. I also hit the gym but chose to hide and do weights in the hallway unsure of what I was really doing and too scared to be near the hotties. Returning back to my home town I once again found myself playing soccer but also at college with a swanky new gym. I knew it could be a great place to meet a hottie and being a bit more confident I became a gym junkie with a pretty regular routine. Blah blah you say. So then I started working at a women's specific clothing store and then my mom hijacked me and suggested I apply to manage a very popular running store geared towards beginners which I now refer to as the evil empire. Biases aside I got the job and actually had to start running. Well not really. Being injured I coached a walking group first (90lb dog slams into right knee causing fascia tearing and giant hematoma, reduce strenuous activities: 18months.) With my knee finally on the mend I coached a 5km clinic and was officially hooked on running.

So the real reason, or person I run is my mom. I have vague memories of my mom running when we were younger and then in 2003 she ran her first Marathon in Kelowna. My brother and I joined her and it was amazing to see her complete such a feat. Since she has gone on to run more marathons including one in Iceland (so cool) and ran Boston in 2010. My mom has always been active; We hiked together when I was a teenager and through my early twenties; We have attended my cousin's kick butt strength and conditioning classes together; We have ran together. Thanks mom for being such a great role model, I hope I can be the same for M. Recently (May 2012) mom just qualified for Boston again! She is definitely queen of the marathon distance.

There are other people who inspire me to keep running too. People I met as co-workers, people I coached, and my husband. Stu and I first started hanging out as running buddies (how I kept up I have no idea). Having just left a job on a whim I found myself back working in the restaurant industry trying to figure out my life. Turns out Stu was the only sane and normal person working there who also happened to run. So we ran together, then went on a date, then fell in love, got married, had a baby, and now just do life together. We rarely run together anymore because let's face it - he is much much faster than me. We do though get out as a family for hikes and snowshoes. Stu is the person who makes running look easy - and when he's ahead he's also pretty easy on the eyes. Damn him. Now we're likely to get a swim in together while M goes to babysitting at the pool.  Stu has joined me down the triathlon path and is going to be a force.

I can't forget my daughters. M has a wild sense of humour and is always trying to make us laugh. I affectionately refer to her as Coach M and she is just that. She cheers for us when we ride the bike on the trainer or run on the treadmill - 'Mommy go fast' and often attends races with us. She is keen to run up and down the block herself or ride her bike. Coach J has recently joined the family and I'm sure the girls will be running circles around each other soon enough.